They want you to hate on Qatar

“The 2022 World Cup is a humanitarian and climate tragedy.”

“How could we go this low”, “once again, money speaks”.

There seems to be an agreement on the fact that we should all tell the world that they are not up to the West’s values. We absolutely must wear that “One Love” armband and wave LGBT flags in their face. Any other outcome is a tragedy.

Let’s expect Qatar to make the best out of their wealth in a record amount of time while we are here busy inventing new genders left and right. It’s not like it took us more than 50 years to be where we are. Oh, wait. We’re not interested in seeing that our own (Western) development comes on the back of thousands of years of slavery, religious apartheid and incredible economic inequalities.

We have been enlightened, our minds are awaken, and we now know better. We must tell everyone how things should be done. Raising awareness? Let’s be totalitarian and boycott.

I am not denying the anti-gay laws, unacceptable working conditions and the overspending. I’m not saying I agree with that. That’s not the point.

The point is that our leaders are VERY happy with our desire for ultimate social justice and virtue signalling.

They’re happy when we’re being incredibly intolerant in your call for more “inclusion” and respect for “minorities”. Sorry to expose the double-standard.

Spoiler alert: they want you to hate on Qatar and their World Cup.


Yes; our governments, our media, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations. The same people that decided that 90% of men on the globe were sexists. It’s real, look it up.

They want us to be social justice warriors. They want us to scream “save the planet”, “stop oil” and “tax the rich”. It is exactly what they ask for.

  • Why do you think Greta Thunberg has so much publicity? Because she’s “brave”? Think again.
  • Why would “they” allow the mainstream Western thought to become anti-oil and anti-capitalism if their only true purpose was to sell as much oil as they could? Because of societal pressure? I don’t think so.
  • Why not implementing some kind of censorship to ensure that we would be “greenwashed” forever?
  • It’s not like organising the next COP in the United Arab Emirates won’t ensure that we go on with the same absolutely basic thought-process for at least one more year…

They are using us by engineering and controlling the narrative.

They want US to censor opposing views while they craft measures for a “better world”. They want cancel culture to thrive and they will use Big Tech’s algorithms in addition to that. It is so obviously painful that those who oppose are being categorised as “far-right extremists”.

Freedom? That’s just another word used by people who want to destroy planet.

‘What are you saying? It just sounds like another conspiracy theory.”

How would you go about implementing radical change if it was not by ensuring that society was convinced that we needed a deep change in our economic model?

It fits their agenda for you to believe that we should “degrowth”, live like our grand-parents with the only difference is being enslaved to algorithms. After all we will “own nothing, and be happy” (WEF). It’s their plan for us, again, look it up.

They want you to think that we are a cancer for the planet, and that the only way to go forward is to blame capitalism for all the apparent misery of the world. Don’t you dare think that we have never been better-off in the history of humanity!

They want you to believe that the science on climate change has been 100% settled and that the only conclusion is imminent catastrophe. How else would they get us to opt out of this “crisis” by renouncing on our “privileges”?

We must cleanse ourselves of our social and environmental dirtiness. It seems strangely biblical.

They are — not so secretly — implementing social credit scores. In a short future, they will be able to trace exactly how much carbon you emit through the monitoring of all your expenses. Central Bank Digital Currencies are going to be lovely!

Exercise direct control on your wealth? Let’s just assume that you will learn not to deviate from the standards they set for you and keep in line. Behold the “green passport”. It’s not like health passports and medical apartheid during the pandemic was enough.

  • How are they going to justify “reparations” to third world countries if they don’t convince us that floods, hurricanes and other meteorological events are getting worse because of our privileged western lives?
  • How are they going to justify quotas if we don’t think without a doubt that men are inherently sexist and racist?
  • How are they going to justify reducing global energy consumption without making energy prices incredibly expensive?
  • How are they going to make you feel like we are in a global crisis if not by disrupting supply-chains with lockdowns and sustaining the Ukrainian geopolitical crisis?
  • How are they going to justify us foregoing private property and economic freedom if it was not for the “greater good”?
  • Maybe the same way they justified lockdowns and vaccinations for “public health”? Kinda awkward in hindsight…

So long as we play into cultural Marxism, they will be able to implement their plan. We are giving them carte blanche.

It’s a carefully lead, decade-long, insidious plan

They are asking for our trust to use technology and science the right way, by “reshaping the 4th industrial revolution” for a “better world” based on “good values”. Once more, look it up.

We should feel guilty enough to plunge head first into the narrative and any bit of conservatism will be deemed “bigotry”. Instead of exploring the counter arguments, different viewpoints, we are all playing into the trap that they are laying for us.

We need to realise that they are counting on a revolution because they are going to benefit from it. They are already leading the revolution, overseeing it. They need you to think that the danger is climate change and far-right movements. They are happy with the West being willingly blind to the dangers of the far-left and woke ideologies. They’re making money from that.

If we want to counter this madness, we need to allow for real debate rather than cancel as we please. We need to hear the arguments in favour of capitalism, freedoms, and all the rights we strived for for so long. How could we suddenly deem to get rid of them?

Believing that the only way to implement change is through radical change is the ultimate fallacy. Real, sustainable progress works in increment, trial and error, careful studying and debating.

Change can NEVER happen by having a unique standpoint. That’s the ultimate recipe for tyranny.

I recently did a couple of polls about whether people would watch the Qatar 2022 World Cup and “boycott” was the leading answer (58%). I was still relieved that 42% were capable of having opposing views (“watch” or “neutral”).

While I am not interested in trying to expose the ultimate better “moral” choice—it’s anyone’s to decide—I am hoping for the 58% to be able to hear that the bias cannot be solely on the side of the opposition. If we stop the democratic debate, and stop including a variety our thoughts into our moral stance, then there is nothing left for us to defend on this earth.

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction.” R. Reagan.



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